Thursday, January 3, 2013

What glasses Psy 's "Gangnam style" wearing ? ....

Psy glasses are from Spy Optic OMG Round Sunglasses. This is some discrepancy as to whether this comes from Garrett Leight (probably because the two collaborated on a brand new limited edition of the glasses) ... but after a closer inspection they definitely OMG Round Sunglasses from Spy ... Psy ... really only goes through two different styles of sunglasses and a pair of swimming goggles, but still have to do some digging through their collections and try to hunt them.

One is from the opening scene in the video Psy, as well as in the final scene with HyunA and flash mob. It is found in the SPY 2011 collection...

YES, .. surely .... glasses were using that psy "Gangnam style" is a  Spy Optic OMG Round Sunglasses  .... so, ... not doubt ... that if you are impressed by the "uniqueness" of his ... you can get these glasses at this address:

www dot GangnamStyleGlasses dot notlong dot com

(Type this web address on your web browser ....)



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